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  The SVO mustang is an interesting car. The engine that powered the SVO is even more interesting. The SVO turbo Mustang was produced from 1984-1986. I have heard over the years that a SVO bone stock runs like a stock 5.0L mustang.


Some may even say this engine was before its time. The 2.3L came in a arrange of power outputs over the production years. This engine out lived the SVO after it got discontinued in 1986. This motor was around till 1988 while powering the Thunder Bird turbo coupe.

  The 2.3L is a single over head cam set up with two valves per cylinder. The turbo is also inter-cooled. Compared to many other turbo cars this one has a ton of room under the hood. This 2.3L can hold up to abuse pretty good.  Modified this I-4 can be a pretty impressive platform.

*SVO 2.3L Turbo output numbers*


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