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  The 22R is arguably one of the best 4 cylinder engines ever made. This motor was produced from 1981-1995. The 22R was found mostly in Toyota trucks and 4Runners. Most these engines only had around 100hp stock but produced close to twice that number in torque. The first versions had carburetors and then a fuel injection engine came along called the 22R-E. There was even a turbo version of these motors for a few years.


 The 22R is not only dependable but also durable. Off road fans like this motor because it can take some serious abuse. It is not uncommon to see a 22R with close to 300,000 miles still going strong.  There is also some modifications and tricks that can be done to get some good horsepower out of the 22R. The main secret to this motor having a long life is just keeping good oil in it.

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