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  Galih Laksono lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and is a long time owner of this mean looking 1972 Holden HQ. Galih is known around his country as the (legend with the golden Holden).  He is so die hard with Holdens Galih also founded the Holden  Indonesia Club in 1999-present. I must say its really good to see others in the world so into the automotive game as we are here in the USA. To be honest when I think Indonesia the last thing I would have imagined is a hot rod scene, its good to be wrong sometimes.

  Before we learn more about this car we just want to insure that you know that Holden is Australian car company. Galih has owned this car since 1978 and has pretty much daily driven it all over Indonesia since. The car came with a 202ci six cylinder  and in 1985 he installed a Holden 253 V8 with a larger cam,aluminum intake, and 4 barrel carb. Galih told us “they start calling me The Legend because no body beat me at that time, not even the son and grandson of the President Suharto as the second President in Indonesia and I have living proof who saw everything”. In 1991 Galih blew the motor and had a replacement ready to go a 350 Chevy.

  It is very hard and expensive to get American engine parts in Indonesia. When he buys parts for this car he orders them from the USA and it takes some time before he gets them over there. Also lets say if he buys a $500 part with shipping ,handling, and going through customs he will end up paying in the area of  $1500-$2000. He builds and works on this car all by his own hand after office hours. The amazing thing about this story he taught himself every thing about this Chevy motor buy reading magazines like Car Craft and Super Chevy etc. 

  Here is a list of some extra information on Galih’s Golden Holden!

  • 350ci Chevy
  • TRW forged pistons 11.1
  • Speed pro rings
  • Crane camshaft 0.500 lift
  • 2.o2-1.60 heads
  • GM 10 bolt rear end with 2.78 gears
  • Weiand tunnel ram intake
  • Two 750cfm Rochester four barrel carbs
  • Mr. Gasket air scoop
  • Top speed 272 kph

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15 Responses to “Indonesian Golden Holden”

  1. Angga says:

    Like this.


  2. Red says:

    Very nice

  3. MonteCarlo says:

    One hell of Four door with Eight barrells carb.. He’s taking a serious horsepower instead of a gas milage..

  4. christine says:

    very cool…
    Go Holden :)

  5. Terry says:

    Lions Pride in Indonesia, two thumbs up from the home of Holden, Australia. Cheers T.

  6. Gatecrasher says:

    Hi, saw your post on AussieV8.com so thought I’d say top effort mate. Car looks great and good to see you get to drive a car that you love even if it’s probably something outside the norm where u are. Top effort on organising the InHRA and would love to see some more pics of the other muscle cars in your club!

  7. FATTGLIDES says:

    hi,saw your ride on aussie v8 one very cool car,good to see inhra do you guy’s have a drag strip of any sort.

  8. Mega says:

    as his fans, proud to know and learn from Mr Galih, he never make a distance with you event you are junior, just ask to him and he will explain evertyhing more than your question…

    love his beast engine sound also…

    blarrr from WestJava Indonesia…

  9. Galih says:

    I would like to say many thank you for all comment on this page..

  10. Markus says:

    awesome Mate, reall happy to see a ausssie icon holden in a different country going very strong, well done

  11. AGGI says:


  12. Bingki says:

    good..marvellous..i own holden premier wanna sell. pls let me know how to upload photo for your review. pls advise me

  13. jose says:

    yawn@promenade.nibbed” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

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